GFiX: ™

What is our services?
Install assistant.
Repair and maintenance
Security and safety check

Why choose us?
we specialize in IT support since


All of our services come first in mind for continuous services.
Your budget is on scope of our work.
if hospitals, airlines, shipping ,and embassy offices can proof our competency: we are.

How can we work together?

Install assistant.
Listing all your requirement, budget, special needed.
We will do survey and discussion on site,
planning and correcting to suite all before doing the installation
Repair and maintenance
Our team will check all devices for physical, and electrical readiness
then planing for upgrade or repair and discussing what the best result before doing the repair
Security and safety check
Our team will check all devices for physical and firmly readiness or reinforcement then planing for install and reinforcement every devices for the suite security in term. Between the installation; training for operation will make sure every users understand how to operate and can do all in time. After the installation and reinforcement schedule check for secure and patch all the holes every month.