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fb account: gfxtm
line account: rathwjj
+66 818 676 013
note: onsite services only


note: address is my residual, my work is personal system consult; on site services.

in case you want to see what kind of automation possible, or have a few talk about techno related, please inform me.

our customers

in 2002 gfxtm founded for purpose of graphics design support for 3dgraphics system, while in 2005 we change to technical support more than 80%.
our services of support areas covers airlines, shipping, hotel, resort and restuarant, hospital, school and residual system.
now we have more than 60 customers.

next moves.
we still focus in on site services, because of security, customization, and more direct to customers need.
while our work will shift from computer network consult and support to automation system customization consult and support.

our focus group
because we work as small groups, we have to focus only whom in need and have trust that automation can improve thier life. money may be some major roles but most we expect in attitude.

our goal
inform and transform at least 20% of household to automation
help at least 10% of traditional office to virtual office

make life precious

we believe that “life is precious“, so we find way to increase your time by limited unnecessary transportation. in Bangkok that mass transportation so pure, accident happen with less than favored responsible; we believe that everyone feel inconvenience for that. so our solutions focus on that.

our precious
Respect and Equality
Continuous Improvement
Open mindedness and Understanding