Because we value your precious life high, so our services focus on fulfill and enrich your life, and reduce the part that no need for you to worry; transportation, controllable life, and take care of whom you love.

we deliver our solutions in 3 segments;

office: why you need office in the first place
home: take care people you love, anywhere. control every aspect of your home without any remote or switch.
maintenance and install your system:

office: more collaborating, less waste time.

virtual office: working, collaborating, meeting, sharing, auditing, anything in a new way: no lost time in transportation, your office is in your finger tips.
secure office: your data is safe, protect, and always available; anywhere.
scheduling: more easy on working as group, meeting, share resources.
office in your phone: you can do your work any places, with your mobile phone and some of our helps.

your home as extended of your care for ones you love.

automation for easier access control all of your house by sound, hand gesture or your mobile phone, forget the light switch or remote control.
automation for elder take care of elder, make better quality of life to your love ones.
automation for handicap we know that you can take care of everything by yourself, but we wish we can make you control everything easier.
automation for work control your office, warehouse, manufacture remotely, or by schedule, added more surveillance system. make your time count.

maintenance and renovate.
make your old systems back to work,
PC, router, home control system, or make your traditional office, house, manufacture into new ones that help your growth, response your need, and more effective.